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where vision comes to life

Personal Care Products can be functional and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. Extropy Laboratories specializes in earth-based product formulation and manufacturing that doesn't sacrifice sensory appeal. Our main objective is to guide our clients through a unique and thoughtful product creation experience that brings their vision to life.

This sustainable venture with our brand partners is comprised of intelligence, functionality, vitality, energy, life, and the human experience. This organized model allows us all to be in a constant state of improvement and growth.

Our focus on eco-conscious concept creation, ethical sourcing of raw materials, and true-to-nature formulation is what sets us apart from other personal care product manufacturers. Our goal is to develop functional products that will stand firmly through the test of time offering end-users a useful, engaging, and aesthetically pleasing experience. 


Packaging is almost as important as the product inside the container. Extropy Laboratories is happy to offer design services to create the shelf-ready products you have been dreaming about. We absolutely love the brainstorming and creating process!

Sharing Ideas

Extropy Laboratories' works hard to ensure we keep our formulation and manufacturing practices sustainable. Our capabilities in these stages of product development will only improve and grow with time. We pledge to never sacrifice product integrity or quality to meet demand.


Tel. 916-587-1487

1787 Tribute Rd. Suite G,

Sacramento, CA 95815


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