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We have spent over a decade refining our Research + Development stage of product creation. This process will always be in a constant state of growth as it is impacted by economic change and the increase in availability of sustainable resources. We enjoy the challenge that the R&D phase presents and do our best to stay flexible, but also plant a foundation of values that will carry us for years to come.

There are three phases in our Research + Development process and they all speak to sustainability; they are Eco-Conscious Concept Creation, Ethical Raw Material Sourcing, and True-to-Nature Formulation. Whether we are formulating for our white label formulary, or a private label brand partner, we follow these steps.


Eco-Conscious Concept Creation

Ethical Raw Material Sourcing

True-to-Nature Formulation

Reducing our carbon footprint is always a top priority for us. We put a lot of thought into how to bring eco-conscious products to market. Our creative decisions are influenced by how our raw material usage and manufacturing practices affect the environment. Mother Earth provides for us and we want to impact her in a positive way. 

We work hard to develop long-term partnerships with our raw material suppliers. Due to our transparent relationship, we are confident in their commitment to maintaining responsible and ethical sourcing practices. 

This means that we purposefully formulate using materials found in nature. That big flower bush you passed on your walk this morning; it has remedial benefits. We acknowledge those benefits, honor them, and utilize them focussing on developing formulas with little to no lab created elements. This keeps our formulation practices true-to nature. 

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